Aim HighYou can never achieve more than you have dreamt. You cannot excel above the mental limit you have set for yourself. You cannot succeed beyond your own definition of success. This is why one of Dr. Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is, “Start with the end in mind”.

If you enter a race with the aim of simply participating, your attitude is vastly different from that of someone who enters the race with the aim of winning. A person whose aim at work is to just avoid being fired and nothing more will produce results that are radically different from those produced by one whose aim is to excel and to be outstanding.

When you make a commitment upon embarking on any enterprise, that you will do it to the best of your ability, that you will produce outstanding results, that you will be among the best in the world at what you do then your time commitment, your preparation, your sweat equity (effort), your engagement, your tenacity, and most certainly your results will be miles apart from those of someone who just wants do the minimum that’s acceptable.

So for 2013 I am challenging you to commit yourself to excellence in all your major endeavours. Why relegate yourself to crawling when you can fly? Why be ordinary when you have the potential to be outstanding? Remember to start with the end in mind. Are you performing your duties just to get by or do you aim to produce extraordinary results? Aim HIGH!.

And make 2013 your BREAKTHROUGH year!

PS: If you want more on this topic please download a recording of my Star FM radio interview here:

2 thoughts on “Aim High

  1. Ruvimbo Maslyne Dzaramba

    That was inspirational.It makes one look back and think twice especially where you say ‘If you enter a race with the aim of simply participating…”.Personally , I am a goal getter , I aim high but I was challenged by your message.Thanx a lot!

  2. tandi

    most of us crawl and never realise that we can actually fly.we can achieve the impossible.teach this gospel to our children and zimbabwe will be a better place


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