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A lady went to the great leader, Mahatma Gandhi, with her young son. She informed Gandhi that her son had a problem. She explained that the boy was eating way too much sugar which was definitely bad for him. She informed Gandhi that if he (Gandhi) were to tell the boy to stop eating sugar the boy would immediately stop because he (the child) held great love, admiration and respect for Gandhi.

To the lady’s surprise Gandhi seemed distant and almost indifferent and he asked the lady to return with her son after one week. Though she could not understand the reason the lady dutifully obeyed and returned a week later. This time Gandhi looked the boy in the eye and said, “You need to stop eating sugar my boy because sugar is bad for you”.

The mother was puzzled and she couldn’t help asking Gandhi why¬†he had not said this very same statement a week before. Gandhi looked at her with a patient smile and said, “I could not give him that advice last week, madam, because I was still eating sugar”.

Be the change. Practice what you preach.

And make 2013 your BREAKTHROUGH year!

One thought on “Be the change

  1. Ruvimbo Maslyne Dzaramba

    Wow , this is food for thought to those people who dish out advice yet they act otherwise.


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